Voter ID Lunacy

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Those who follow my Twitter Time Line may have seen my discussion with a voter ID proponent and one of his friends that began the evening of August 28th and ended on August 29th.

Here was his reasoning, which are the common talking points why there should be voter ID.

To avoid voter fraud

To ensure the person voting is eligible to vote

All adults need ID to survive in this country so what’s the big deal?

In the course of the discussion he added that:

Only disabled veterans should be allowed to vote via mail.

The Black Panthers are intimidating people at the polls.

Regardless, all voting should be done on one day and people can wait in line.

ID that is necessary will only be required at “registration” not at the polls.

Mitt Romney got zero votes in precincts in Philadelphia.

Requiring voter ID isn’t racist or places an undue burden…

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